Magic Legends MMO revealed by Cryptic and Perfect World

Magic Legends MMO

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have officially revealed the upcoming Magic Legends MMO. In development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One since 2017, this MMORPG begins beta testing in 2020. The Magic Legends release date is yet undisclosed.

When it was initially revealed simply as the Magic the Gathering MMORPG, this game was introduced as using a free-to-play business model. While there are no details on this front and Perfect World is promising more info for January 2020, we believe that there haven't been any changes in this regard.

Magic: Legends Classes | Freely switch as you wish

In Magic: Legends, you enter the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering as a powerful Planeswalker.You get to pick your character from a selection of five classes, but you can switch on-the-fly between any class. As you shift through planes alone or with the companionship of two other players, you fight by selecting spells that are drawn at random.

Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa is behind the helm of Magic Legends. His previous work was in the same role for Star Trek Online, so he should know his MMORPGs.

Magic Legends MMO

“Cryptic Studios is known for making games based on franchises we love and this is no exception,” said Stephen Ricossa, executive producer of Magic: Legends. “We've assembled a team of talented developers who are incredibly passionate about Magic: The Gathering and share a collective deep knowledge of the franchise. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the multiverse to life in a way that fans have never experienced before.”

There are very few franchises with such a rich lore and global player base as Magic: The Gathering, so let's hope that Cryptic is pulling all the punches to make the best game ever out of the Magic Legends MMO. You can sign up for the beta at the official website and watch the cinematic teaser below, while you wait for some actual gameplay, which is probably coming in roughly a month.

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