Magic Legends Necromancer class revealed as the last of the starting five

Magic Legends Necromancer class

The cat is out of the bag. Cryptic Studios has announced the latest class that will be part of Magic Legends starting lineup. After the Geomancer, Beastcaller, Mind Mage, and Sanctifier, the latest class of the initial five is the Necromancer. The Magic Legends Necromancer class is built around black mana and stops at nothing to fulfill its goals, even if it means conjuring and sacrificing creatures from the afterworld.

Some of the Necromancer's main abilities include Grim Siphon, a mid-range lashing attack that drains life from foes over time; Grave Upheaval, a damage-dealing secondary ability that targets foes and summons two skeletons; and Soul Wither, a utility ability that applies slows and damage over time effects to nearby enemies.

Magic Legends Necromancer class

Magic Legends players who choose the Necromancer class must strike the perfect balance between summoning powerful creatures and saving enough health to support their friends, as the undead army grows stronger and larger.

You can learn more about the design of the Necromancer in this blog post by Tradd Thompson (Staff Systems Designer) and Barclay Chantel (Game Art Director). Find more details about the Magic Legends classes in our handy guide.


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