Magic: The Gathering Arena enters open beta on September 27

Magic the gathering arena open beta starts

There's a new collectible card game coming soon, and it's not one to be overlooked – Magic: The Gathering Arena could turn out to be one of the major digital CCGs available, if everything goes according to plan. The open beta is about to begin, you only have to wait a week until September 27, at 1:00PM PDT/20:00 UTC.

All accounts will be wiped, so you can say goodbye to your progress during the closed beta. However, all your purchased gems will be refunded and you'll get a few rewards for participating in the MTG Arena closed beta, three Planeswalker cards: 1x Ral, Izzet Viceroy, 1x Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, and 1x Vraska, Golgari Queen.

Here are the dates that you need to know before the MTG Arena open beta starts:

• September 21, 8AM PDT – The in-game store is turned off (no more purchases until Open Beta).
• September 24, 8AM PDT – MTG Arena and the official forums go offline. Export your decklists beforehand.
• September 27, 1PM PDT – Open Beta Starts!

And here is a funny open beta announcement video featuring Danny Trejo and Sean “Day9” Plott.

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