MapleStory 2: Awakening update releasing on May 30

MapleStory 2 Awakening update

MapleStory 2 is getting the Awakening update on May 30. This expansion will bring a new class, a new skill tree and new challenges.

The Striker is the new class that is making an appearance with the Awakening update. This bad-ass brawler comes with devastating blows and some cool special effects to go with all the rage.

You will also get to experience a job rank increase for each class. At level 60, each job will uncover new powers and special buffs, thanks to a new skill tree.

Finally, more challenges await you. Six new dungeons (Icethorn Ridge, Guardian of the Seas, The Song of the Oracle, Malevolent Manor, Madrakan Ramparts and Madrakan's Heart) and three new Chaos Raids will put you to the test.


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