MapleStory 2 closed beta 2 announced, but no starting date yet

MapleStory 2 closed beta 2

Nexon has just revealed that the next stage of the MapleStory 2 release is a second closed beta. As you probably recall, the first MapleStory 2 closed beta took place in May and ran for only one week. It's only natural that players are wanting more time to play the game.

The plan for this second closed beta is to stress test the servers, which should have double the amount of players a.k.a Maplers compared to the first beta. If you didn't get a key before, there are additional ways to get accepted into MapleStory 2 closed beta 2, such as the usual website sign up, key giveaways, a new web event with rewards, and Founder's Packs are also coming soon.

Community Manager Cuddles (awww…) also mentioned that plenty of player feedback from the first closed beta will be making its way into the next one, and starting next week there will be a new Producers' Blog series discussing topics such as new content, and the roadmap for MapleStory 2.

Now all we have to do is wait for the actual closed beta 2 date.

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