MapleStory 2 closed beta 2 just confirmed for July

MapleStory 2 closed beta 2 July 2018

Jungsoo Lee, General Manager at Nexon America, has just confirmed that the second MapleStory 2 closed beta is going to happen in July 2018.

This much was revealed in the latest Producer Blog, but no specific day was given. Lee says that the team is actively working on the game, polishing content and improvements for this stage, so they still haven't settled on a date.

However, if you're enraged and asking things such as “Why aren't you launching the game now? The game has been out for years!”, then they got you covered, because Lee answers exactly that. He says that while MapleStory has been out for awhile in China and Korea, they want to provide a better game service to western players. That is why the first closed beta feedback was used to judge how players are liking the game, comparing it to the other regions. This also translates into some changes to the game, both big and small, coming to the beta and the official release. All of this forces a second beta to test the implementation of some of these features, so the development team can improve on it or remove things that didn't work as expected.

Lee gives an example: MapleStory 2 Korea had World Quests right from the start, but as the updates followed and leveling progression changed quite a bit, these lost their significance. However, in the global version, World Quests will be coming in the second closed beta with some refinements. It's a lot more work to add these World Quests than what players may think.

One more thing worth stressing out: The MapleStory 2 North American server is going to be split into two due to stability issues seen during closed beta 1. So, there's one server in the West Coast and one server in the East Coast. You can also expect an Oceania server to improve player experience in this region.

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