MapleStory 2 closed beta is over, was fun while it lasted

MapleStory 2 closed beta

The first – and possibly only? – MapleStory 2 closed beta is over. It was fun while it lasted, but it was only for a week and now we are left all alone, as crying orphans to this fun MMORPG.

Sorry for the extra drama, moving on. Nexon America is now gathering all the player feedback and improving the game, squashing some bugs and so on. However, they want more from you – more feedback on “the direction, strengths and weaknesses” of MapleStory 2 so they can offer the best game possible. Every player that took part in the closed beta will get a survey, so check your e-mail.

If you want to head over straight to MapleStory 2's forums to leave your opinion, go ahead. On the other hand, if you didn't get a key for the beta and had to stay out, watch our MapleStory 2 first look video below and you should know a lot more about the game. Now let's wait for the announcement of the next beta phase – possibly open beta?

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