Nexon is hiring a Localization Coordinator for MapleStory 2 English?

MapleStory 2 English

The MapleStory 2 English announcement could be coming really soon, if the rumors turn out to be true – in four days, when the first-ever MapleStory Fest is taking place in Los Angeles, California.

A few days ago Nexon America discreetly revealed that they are in fact working on several games, judging by the new job offer for a Localization Coordinator. Part of the offer is telling:

“The Localization Coordinator will work with our in-house Localization Team and our external partners in a rapidly changing environment to ensure the quality of a large volume of Nexon America’s game titles for our audience. His or her responsibilities will be, but are not limited to, translating and proofreading game content, web posts, and other game related documents as well as ensuring that linguistic quality adheres to our high standards and guidelines.”

So, it could be MapleStory 2 but also other games that are in the works, probably in South Korea. That reminds me of Peria Chronicles, but I won't hold my breath since it's been a while that we've had news from that game.

Anyway, I would say that MapleStory 2 is indeed coming to the west, and while the announcement would have a big impact during the MapleStory Fest, it doesn't mean that Nexon isn't planning to reveal the game later this year. We'll know in a few days.

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