MapleStory 2 is coming, take note of the important dates

MapleStory 2 is coming

We are getting closer to the official launch of MapleStory 2 – well, sort of -, so this is the perfect time to check a few things. The important dates, of course, as well as what is currently going on in the game.

Right now, you can already go and reserve your name, so that you don't end up with xXNoGoodNamesXx or something like that. All you have to do is create a character in MapleStory 2's curious take on Battle Royale, Mushking Royale. Just download the game through the Nexon launcher and your character will be carried when the game officially launches, retaining your class, looks and items. If you decide to play the Mushking Royale Pre-Season you may win Founder's Packs, earn special outfits and other items.

On September 24, it's time for the official launch registration event. This sounds like something designed to bring in new players, signing up for a chance of earning exclusive prizes. However, Nexon promises that more info on this will be revealed closer to the date.

On October 1, the doors finally open – well, at least for those who purchased a MapleStory 2 Founder's Pack. Start leveling up and get a head start in MapleStory 2 – after all, this is what you paid for, right? The Founder's Pack rewards will be available in the same day.

Finally, on October 10, it's the big day for everyone, with the official MapleStory 2 launch. It's free for everyone and comes with a huge update that increases the level cap to level 60, introduces the new Karkar Island with new monsters and dungeons, as well as the new Runeblade class.

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