MapleStory 2: new trailer shows customization, mini-games, user content and more

MapleStory 2 global service closure

Nexon Korea just released a new MapleStory 2 trailer that shows a lot of the features of this highly anticipated MMORPG. Even if you don't understand a word of Korean, you can see that the video shows some very interesting stuff across the more than 7 minutes that it lasts.

The character customization is one of the big things in this sequel, and you can change a lot of features in your character, including hair length. But the major feature in MapleStory 2 and the main reason why developer NSquare chose the Minecraft-like tile and block approach to the visuals is to make user created content friendly and something that will draw players and keep them around, building challenging dungeons with ease and depth. There's a housing system that is very detailed in this trailer and some other highlights.

We are very excited for MapleStory 2 and if you want to learn more about the game, watch or read our Top 5 reasons to be excited for MapleStory 2.

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