MapleStory 2: new trailer teases final beta test

MapleStory 2 global service closure

Nexon has revealed the final Korean beta test dates for MapleStory 2, along with a new trailer showing some of the highlights of this cute MMORPG. There's exciting stuff such as custom housing, PvP, world bosses, extremely cool and kawaii clothes, biker gangs, taxis, duck mounts, giggling housekeepers and much more, all in a MySims kind of visual style. It's kind of weird to say all this when you're trying to convince a friend to play a game, but in this case it's certainly a plus.

Don't let the chibi looks of MapleStory 2 fool you though; this is a game where your fighting skills will be regularly put to the test, as you can see by this video showing a few of the game's bosses. If you want to learn more about the game, nothing better than to read our Top 5 reasons to be excited for MapleStory 2.

Sadly Nexon still hasn't confirmed a MapleStory 2 western release, but we're extremely confident they won't keep such a high-profile game out of North America and Europe.


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