Is MapleStory 2 North America/Europe being announced in April?

MapleStory 2 North America

Could Nexon America be about to unleash the English version of MapleStory 2 to the world? ‘World', as in North America and Europe? Well, there are some rumors that could point to that.

First of all, there's the oldest one, all the way back from late 2016: Nexon had this job offer for a “Production Manager for MapleStory 2 for Nexon's El Segundo, California office”. Adding more fuel to the fire, in January 2018 we discovered nearly 200 samples of English voices and music allegedly for MapleStory 2. All the pieces seemed to fit, and now, according to, Nexon could be preparing the MapleStory 2 English announcement for April 14, 2018, during the first-ever MapleStory Fest, taking place in Los Angeles, California. They also mention the following:

“Participate in a live Q&A session with MapleStory's developers in their first-ever North American appearance, and hear exclusive announcements about the future of MapleStory.”

Exclusive announcements? Could it be the perfect timing for the reveal of the North American version of MapleStory 2? Sure, the original MapleStory is still going strong-ish, but all that noise about a localization for MapleStory 2 can't be just that – noise.

Whether this is happening or not, it's a matter of waiting a few weeks. We wouldn't mind seeing MapleStory 2 in North America and Europe, it's a nice game.

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