Register now for MapleStory 2 and earn three cute rewards

MapleStory 2 register free rewards Runeblade

The MapleStory 2 official launch is coming and Nexon wants you to earn some free in-game rewards. Naturally, they want you to register right away so that you are ready to play come October 10, 2018, when the western release of MapleStory 2 is going to take place.

So, what can you get for your trouble? Well, you get a Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag badge, a Ducky Rickshaw mount and a Roosting Seagull hat. Sounds like a nice trade for a few minutes of your time.

The official launch brings the new Runeblade class, a magical swordsman, as well as a level cap raise to 60 in comparison to the previous beta. The new Karkar Island is a gorgeous desert island waiting for players, offering a wonderful resort town and seven new dungeons to explore. It looks inviting, just like the entirety of MapleStory 2, to be honest.

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