MapleStory 2 is doing a “restart” in Korea

MapleStory 2 English

MapleStory 2 is far from reaching the same numbers of the original game, and while that seems almost impossible considering the popularity of Nexon's game, this sequel was expected to at the very least be somewhat successful. However, the studio has just released a patch titled “Restart”, which is meant to bring back former players of the game and also attract new players through softened access to certain features such as housing, mining or farming, and making dungeons easier, among other things that were based on player feedback.

It looks like MapleStory 2 was penalized for not being kinder toward its players and Nexon is now shouting something of a “please come back” with this patch. What this tells us is that if a game is too much of a grind before you get to the fun part, players will quickly move on to other things.

And yet nothing official on MapleStory 2 coming to North America, despite this job offer that pretty much confirms it. Better late than never?

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