MapleStory’s new hero Illium is a Magician and ready to explore Morass… Erm…

MapleStory Illium

Shortly after the release of the new MapleStory hero Cadena, Nexon releases… another new hero. This is going smoothly!

The new hero is called Illium, and the update that brings this Magician goes by the name of Nova: Brilliance of Illium. Illium is an Intelligence-based Magician with a brand new story and offers both male and female variants. Using the Lucent Gauntlet to craft magical weapons and harness the power of the ancient Crystal, you can awake Illium’s magical powers and save the Verdant Flora race.

The update also brings the high-level area Morass (welp, not the most fortunate name) and a bunch of new events that you can check here.

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