MARVEL Battle Lines launches on October 24, will be at Comic Con

marvel battle lines

Nexon has announced the official launch date for MARVEL Battle Lines, the strategic card game for mobile devices. You can play this game starting October 24 as a free download on the App Store and on Google Play, or you can do it early if you attend the New York Comic Con from October 4 – October 7 at the Jacob Javits Center.

If you visit Nexon’s MARVEL Battle Line’s booth (#1736) at New York Comic Con you can not only play the game, but also get some exclusive pins (while they are available) for those who complete the game demo. Each day there will be a new exclusive pin to collect. If you pre-register today you receive an exclusive Doctor Strange Super Hero card and 5,000 in-game gold.

MARVEL Battle Lines tries a different approach to the card battle genre with the use of a dynamic 3×4 game board. Featuring single player missions and PvP battles, you have to collect and build the best deck of Super Heroes and Super Villains including everyone's favorites Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Elektra, Groot, Hulk, Jessica Jones, Spider-man, Starlord, Thanos and many more. The card artwork is nothing short of amazing.

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