Marvel Future Revolution opens global pre-registrations with rewards

Marvel Future Revolution global pre-registrations

Netmarble is aiming high with Marvel Future Revolution, its upcoming open world MMORPG for Android and iOS. Described as the successor of mega-hit Marvel Future Fight, it has just started the global pre-registrations phase. You can pre-register on the official website, Play Store or App Store, with the promise of a variety of rewards, apparently including a costume gift box.

Once again, players are thrust into the Marvel multiverse where many Earths converge to form a new Primary Earth. This will lead to many battles between the new Omega Flight super hero team and the super villains. Playable at launch will be eight superheroes: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Storm.

Marvel Future Revolution opens global pre-registrations

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Costumes are a big thing in Marvel Future Revolution, with over 400 million costume combinations per hero. The trailers have focused on this aspect, showing our heroes in familiar attires, but also in rad new clothes that wouldn't be out of place in Marvel canon.

Besides playing the main story in a squad system, you can dive into various PvP modes, from 1v1 to 10v10. High level players will be able to play in game modes such as Blitz, Special Operation, Raids, and more.

The Marvel Future Revolution release date is a mystery for now, but the App Store does mention a September 30, 2021 launch date. Could this be a placeholder or the actual release window? We'll have to wait a few more months for official confirmation.

Watch the latest Marvel Future Revolution trailer below to get you in the mood for a game that is looking great. Who knows if these will turn out to be the Marvel Avengers that we truly need and deserve?


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