Marvel Heroes 2016 brings visual upgrade, new story chapter and more

Time surely flies by – we remember just how Gazillion Entertainment turned Marvel Heroes into Marvel Heroes 2015, improving the game quite a lot in the process, and now it's that time again. Marvel Heroes 2016 is coming this December, with a bunch of upgrades and new content, including the ‘Secret Invasion’ story adaptation, controller support, visual updates, leaderboards, the official Mac version launch, Steam Achievements (nearly 100) and more.

Characters introduced during Marvel Heroes’ 2013 launch window are getting a revamp, as you can see in the two comparison pictures below showcasing Captain America and Jean Grey.

VisualUpdate_Jean01 VisualUpdate_ThenAndNow_CaptainAmerica copy

The ‘Secret Invasion’ story chapter pits players against alien Skrulls of all shapes and sizes, including the Super-Skrull himself, Kl’rt, who makes his long-awaited, much requested Marvel Heroes debut.

MH2016_SuperSkrull_Klrt copy

New playable characters will keep on coming and joining the existing roster of over 50, as well as the Savage Land Patrol Zone filled with dinosaurs, sadistic mutates and more.


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