Marvel Realm of Champions Patriot Garrison revealed by Peggy Carter

Marvel Realm of Champions Patriot Garrison

Kabam has revealed the Marvel Realm of Champions Patriot Garrison, led by none other than Peggy Carter. Garrisons are the houses in the upcoming game, where heroes clash in real-time action arena combat because… well, there is probably a reason for that, but having superheroes fighting is just cool, I guess.

The Patriot Garrison is the faction that strives for liberty, and the official website has a substantial overview of this house. There is even a picture of Mount Rushmore, which is a tribute to the individuals that have held the title of Captain America. Not quite what you were expecting, isn't that so?

Kabam simply said that the Marvel Realm of Champions release date is slated for 2020 for mobile devices, but there is no specific date as of yet. In fact, there isn't a single gameplay trailer as well, so we can only guess how these heroes will look in action. Let's hope that this game isn't a mere reskin of other Kabam games, as that would be disappointing.

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