Marvel Realm of Champions revealed by Kabam for a 2020 release

Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam has announced Marvel Realm of Champions, a new superhero real-time action RPG in development for mobile devices. Marvel Realm of Champions was revealed at the New York Comic-Con, with more details coming in the following days, and a release date planned for 2020.

Players will join factions inspired by Marvel known as “houses” and join their friends in real-time action arena combat as part of the Battleworld, both on PvE and PvP modes.

The Battleworld is a forbidden planet behind the Space-Time Barrier where now shattered alliances between houses including the House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain America), Pyramid X (X-Men), result in pure war for global domination. You choose a champion, forge alliances or fight against other players in iconic Marvel locations such as high-tech cities built on Stark Technologies and fantasy-inspired Asgardian battlefields, among others.

“Working with Marvel on Contest of Champions is a dream for Kabam, and we could not be more proud of the experiences we built together,” said Gabriel Frizzera, Art / Creative Director of MARVEL Contest of Champions and MARVEL Realm of Champions. “While MARVEL Contest of Champions continues to grow with years of content down the pipeline, MARVEL Realm of Champions will take players from the Battlerealm’s one-on-one duels to the Battleworld’s global skirmishes for complete territorial control in the name of their House.”

Watch the announcement cinematic trailer below while we wait for some actual gameplay footage. The official site is live in case you want to sign-up for updates.

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