Master of Orion is returning thanks to Wargaming, publisher of the highly successful World of Tanks as well as the upcoming World of Warships naval warfare game, just announced the revival of the mythical Master of Orion franchise with a new game that is in development by Argentinian team NGD Studios, alongside “key members from the original title's team.” Wargaming purchased the rights from Atari in July 2013 and is now announcing the new game. Master of Orion is considered one of the finest examples of the 4X turn-based strategy genre – nowadays, the Sins of a Solar Empire series is considered the best of its ilk.

Master of Orion will feature 13 different races with unique technologies and ship designs. While we still don't have a release date or even a business model, it's highly likely that Master of Orion will launch as free-to-play, seeing that the studio is having a lot of success with that strategy.


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