Master X Master gets two new masters Lua and Death Knight

Master X Master has officially launched

NCSoft's action RPG and MOBA hybrid Master X Master (aka MXM) is getting a nice little character roster. The two latest masters to join the game are Lua and Death Knight.

Lua is a high-damage assault Master with extremely long range poke skills, peels and escapes, and heavy group damage potential. Lua is a starting Master in MXM, meaning all players will begin with her for free. As for Death Knight, he is a character originally from the Lineage MMORPG. He is a melee Juggernaut, most at home in the middle of the enemy team, swinging his Dragon Slayer, damaging enemies and refilling his own health bar.

Check out the two reveal videos below. Master X Master is going to enter another alpha playtest in August 25, ending August 31.

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