Master x Master introduces fixer Vonak and stone juggernaut Koom

NCSoft has revealed a couple of new Masters for the upcoming action RPG Master X Master: Vonak and Koom. They're two very different heroes, as much as a human and a stone colossus can be. Vonak is the human and he is a fixer, which means he can deliver your mail or assassinate your enemies for a fee. He uses a pair of golden pistols named Aurelia and Godfrey, and one of his alternate skins is oddly reminiscent of Elvis Presley for some reason. As for Koom the stone giant, his weapon is his own fist which shoots shards of ore.

You can watch the abilities of both masters in the videos below. Master X Master is scheduled for a Q2 2017 release according to NCsoft's Q4 2016 financial results, which means this game should arrive sometime between April and June. Not too long now!

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