Master X Master plans on releasing 6 to 8 new masters per year

Master X Master plans

A Master X Master Launch Celebration Developer Q&A released a few days ago and shed some light on some questions from the community. Cosplayer Cheezecake was dressed as Innowin, one of the masters from the game, and asked questions to Brand Manager Sean Orlikowski, Director of Marketing Sean Corcoran, and Community Manager Deirdre “DD” Holis.

One of the first topics was NCSoft's advertising on MXM and its other games. While there was some traditional advertising on Facebook, for example, the studio is also relying on influencers and word-of-mouth from players who enjoy the game. They go on to say that Master X Master falls into this congested MOBA market and some players may have misconceptions about it, as MXM's other half is a PvE mode that many end up liking.

The team then talks about the upcoming masters, mentioning the surprise character from launch day (Ghost Widow from City of Heroes). The plan is to release six to eight new masters per year, a combination of brand new characters and characters from other NCSoft games. Our guess is that Blade & Soul will surely see some more characters sooner or later, but Guild Wars 2 and Lineage are also strong possibilities.

We should also mention that Master X Master is getting a new 5v5 PvE mode in a couple of months called Medium Defense Line. No details were revealed about this mode, but it's nice to see that they're focusing on the PvE part as much as PvP.

Watch the entire Q&A video below.

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