Master X Master unlocks all masters and Ranked Titan Ruins

Master X Master is currently in closed beta and if you had the chance to participate, you now get the possibility of trying every single one of the 36 masters for a few days. You can pick any master until the end of the closed beta, which means that you still have until April 27. But that's not all. NCSoft is also opening the Ranked mode on the 5v5 Titan Ruins map, making this the perfect time for you to try everyone and pick your favorite duo for when the real battles begin.

If you're late to the party and you still want to get the exclusive CBT Taejin skin (which you could gain by logging in for seven days), you still can get it, but in a different way – playing and completing at least seven Ranked Titan Ruins matches.

Sign up here if you want a shot at entering the Master X Master beta.

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