Master X Master reveals Yuri the juggernaut, Ranked preseason begins

master x master yuri

NCSoft has revealed Yuri, the first Master that is coming to Master X Master after its launch on June 21. You can see her first artwork below, as well as her description. Yuri will be available in August.

“Yuri is an Ardent-attuned, melee-based juggernaut from Earth’s third settlement on Amaari. A talented martial artist, she was groomed by veteran Masters to be combat effective in the fight to rescue Earth from Atlas and the Synd. She developed the Cosmic Fist martial arts style, which harnesses Sol energy to overpower her opponents with devastating attacks.”

master x master yuri

The Master X Master ranked mode is starting today. The preseason will run for four weeks, with season one starting on August 16. All participants will get rewards, with additional X-Coin prizes for players who finish in the top 100 ranks of the preseason. You can see all the rewards here.

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