Mech shooter Figureheads explained, beta begins July 8

Square Enix has revealed new details on Figureheads, the recently announced upcoming free-to-play 5v5 mech shooter. The mechs in this game are called 2Foot, and despite the 5v5 limit, each player actually controls one 2Foot and commands three other mechs, translating to 40 mechs in one arena at the same time. 2Foot are divided in three categories: Lightweight (Sniper, Engineer), Middleweight (Assault, Support), and Heavyweight (Striker, Heavy Assault). You'll have to control your 2Foot while giving orders to the other three mechs, something that requires a lot of skill to ultimately win the battle, via one of two possibilities: either destroying the enemy or capturing their base. 2Foot can be customized in different aspects, including armor and weapons.

Some of the Figureheads team members previously worked on Hawken, another mech shooter, as well as Ratchet and Clank. The video below explains the basics of the game and shows quite a bit of gameplay. Closed beta recruitment runs from June 10th to July 1st and beta begins July 8, ending July 12.


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