Meia goes Mellow Mermaid with latest Mobius Final Fantasy Legend job

Mobius Final Fantasy Legend Job Meia

Mobius Final Fantasy keeps up with the summer celebrations as Square Enix unleashes a new Legend job. This time it's for Meia, the sexy witch now turned into a Mellow Mermaid.

Already available – that is, if you are lucky enough to summon her, the Meia Mellow Mermaid has a low attack power, but her magic attack is incredibly high. She is an Attacker Mage that is now wearing a diving suit and a diving mask to go along with it. Her affinities are fire and water elements, in particular the fire element. Her Ultimate Skill is called Brutal Wave, dealing a lot of Break damage to all enemies and granting Meia Mage's Trance, Brarrier, Snipe, and Wall.

Take a look at the Mellow Mermaid in action below, evidently in a sunny beach – don't mind the huge dragon skeleton thingie.

Mobius Final Fantasy Legend Job Meia

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