Mental health MMORPG Destiny’s Sword is now live on Kickstarter

MMORPG Destiny's Sword Kickstarter

2Dogs Games has launched the Destiny's Sword Kickstarter, asking for a humble $22,166 to help them develop the game. As you may recall, Destiny's Sword is an MMORPG that dares to dabble on the sensitive subject of mental health and the long term consequences of combat.

The Destiny's Sword Kickstarter page has plenty of details about the game, including how the Insight Engine will track the evolution of the in-game characters:

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“The Insight Engine is responsible for the psychological simulation of all of our in-game characters. It gives each character a unique personality, backstory and life history.

The Insight Engine tracks the evolution of characters' emotions over time based on their combat experiences, player decisions & actions, and the metagame events that happen in their daily lives.

What a character thinks and feels will affect their performance in battle, and their experiences in combat and in the metagame will affect how they think and feel. It's a circular relationship that has the player's fingerprints all over it.

The characters can also form webs of relationships with other characters – some forming synergies and working really well together, and others experiencing discord and performing poorly when together.”

Sounds like real life, doesn't it? Destiny’s Sword will be free-to-play at launch and a beta is planned to launch at PAX East 2020, which takes place in Boston, by the end of March 2020. More of the game will be shown during PAX West 2019, in August 2019.


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