Surprise! Metro Conflict: The Origin is going back to free-to-play

Metro Conflict: The Origin free

Here's a reveal that should surprise absolutely no one at all – Metro Conflict: The Origin is ditching its buy-to-play model and switching to free-to-play.

Metro Conflict: The Origin started its Early Access about two weeks ago, and just announced the decision. Paying $19.99 to join early seems too much for what is pretty much a recycled shooter, as Metro Conflict was already available through OGPLanet and shut down less than a year after its western release. Talk about being too optimistic.

Soon, Metro Conflict: The Origin will be available to everyone as a Free-to-Play game on Steam, but there will be an optional ‘Full Agents Package’ DLC for the aforementioned $19.99, which gives you access to “9 additional Agents, character oriented weapons, and 440,000 in-game gold.”

Will free-to-play give this game a second lease of life? I can't say, but Steam sure is heaven for refurbished games. Details on the transition will be released soon.

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