Metro Conflict shoots into open beta today

OGPlanet has just announced that the free-to-play shooter Metro Conflict enters open beta today at 4PM PST, just as it was previously revealed. This beta will only run for one week, ending on June 29, 2015, the day when the game fully releases.

The Metro Conflict open beta offers 8 playable classes, 12 maps, and 4 major game modes, being available both on OGPlanet's launcher and Steam, but it is restricted to North American and European players – the full launch will potentially see servers added in other regions, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Beta players are still on track for the coveted gold pixel-plated knife skin which will be offered at full launch. The beta is also going to feature a Metro Conflict Beta Hall of Fame, with five competitive categories being tracked with a top 100 list being named and framed for each.

Metro Conflict is developed by Red Duck Inc., makers of Alliance of Valiant Arms, and runs on the Unreal 3 engine.


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