Microsoft: ‘Free-to-play good fit for Xbox 360’

Microsoft seems to have made up its mind about free-to-play games and the Xbox 360. Now, one spokesperson told OXM that they see F2P as a natural fit for the platform.

“We’re always looking at ways to push the boundaries of the console and our digital platform. Bringing true free-to-play gaming experiences to Xbox 360 is a natural extension of that.”

“With the ongoing success of the model on PC, and the interest from both our consumers and our partners looking to explore this system on console, it simply made sense to deliver this experience through great games that would take advantage of it.”

The upcoming free-to-play Microsoft games Happy Wars (September) and Ascend: New Gods (2013) will serve as a test for the model on the Xbox 360. To play these titles gamers need to have a Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and be willing to use Microsoft Points for microtransactions.

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