Microsoft releases free “racing” game Miami Street

Miami Street free racing game

Did you notice the quotation marks in the headline? Well done, you have now acquired the necessary knowledge to face the world of fake news. Because Microsoft's new racing game, Miami Street, isn't exactly a racing game.

First and foremost, Miami Street is a free game that was recently released on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices, PC included, without any fanfare – it's like they were actually ashamed of it, maybe? But anyway, Miami Street is about cinematic angles and quick-time events, with little more to do than pressing the left mouse button to accelerate and releasing it to brake on corners, and apparently the right mouse button is occasionally used for boosts. The car automatically steers and that's pretty much it.

Of course, you can unlock new cars and the cherry on top is the existence of an energy system, which means that you'll eventually be forced to stop playing or spend gold to refill your energy bar. Each time you race with one of your cars, one point of wear is added to it, and the cars have to be repaired after getting three points of wear by using a repair kit. These probably aren't free, you know.

Miami Street is a single-player only game and seems to be getting quite some player hate, as you can see in the like/dislike ratio from the video below. Forza Motorsport this isn't for sure.

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