Might & Magic Heroes Online update is ‘Better, Stronger, Faster’

Ubisoft just announced the “Better, Stronger, Faster” free update for Might and Magic Heroes Online is now live. The highlights of this update are the new Heroic Mode and the Artifact Refinements.

The New Heroic Mode brings the option to go for tougher battles and consequently obtain the most powerful artifacts in the game. Players at level 30 and above are now capable of increasing the Heroic Tier of an encounter – the higher the tier, the higher the rewards will be.

As for the Artifact Refinements, they will enable players to increase the stats of their artifacts, such as weapons and armor. Available for offensive, defensive or tactical stats as well as the most powerful form which increases all stats of the chosen artifact, Artifact Refinements can be obtained using multiple methods, including when finishing a Heroic Mode battle.

We've praised Might & Magic Heroes Online as one of the best examples of free-to-play MMORPG meets Strategy, but in case you missed our first look, here it is again.


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