Mighty Party is getting a Legendary Party update

Panoramik has announced a massive update for its free-to-play card strategy MMORPG Mighty Party. The Legendary Party Update introduces several new features such as “new Legendary League, new Events with special rewards, the new opportunity to boost cards, new great currency called Friend Coins and new one-time-per-day feature to spend it for Pal Points, Gold, Cards and others.”

The highlight of this update is obviously the Legendary League, accessible to all players that achieve League 1. Players will be ranked according to their Match Making Rating based on Elo Rating System. At the end of each season there will be rewards for some players according to their ladder place. The Brawl is a new PvP mode accessible via “Fight” and comes with different rewards such as Cards, Gold, Friend Coins and more.

You can check Might Party on its official website and the game is also available on Steam.

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