MINImax Tinyverse is a tower-rush game with a God complex

MINImax Tinyverse

Korean studio O'olBlue Inc. has just unleashed MINIMax Tinyverse into Steam Early Access as a free-to-play game. This is a tower-rush game where you can interact and affect gameplay in the same way that you would do in one of those games where you act as an all-seeing, all-controlling being. You know, Populous and such.

The developers assume a couple of games as their main inspirations for the creation of MINIMax Tinyverse: Lemmings and Black and White. You choose one of two realms, Aillai and Creaea, along with a champion with unique skills and abilities, and enter the battle in 1v1 matches. You have the power to pick up units and affect the playfield by doing things such as building a ramp or placing a barricade.

There are 11 units to select and combine, along with 24 miracles, or skills, to use such as burn, heal, block, slow down and more.

You can download MINImax Tinyverse from Steam.


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