Watch new Closers Mirae gameplay with plenty of fan-service

Closers Mirae

Much like SoulWorker (with the latest playable character Ephnel) and Kritika Reboot, Closers is another anime brawler that doesn't shy away when it comes to fan-service. The recent release of the new character Mirae in the Korean servers is proof of that. We have some Closers Mirae gameplay thanks to Rendermax.

Mirae is the first member of the new Rattus team, but the next character is going to be a male, you can rest assured. Mirae's introduction feels like a punch to the face, or two punches, to be honest, as you can see in the video below.

Mirae begins at level 67 after you create her, bringing her scythe to the fight. You'll see plenty of clones hanging around, since this is what usually happens when a new character is released, especially one dabbling in fan service as much as Mirae does. Her scythe is obviously perfect for some spin and aerial attacks.

The Closers Mirae gameplay video below will take you up to level 80, and along the way you'll discover some alternate costumes. In a few months we'll surely see her making an appearance in Closers North America and Europe, the version published by En Masse. 


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