Miri, The Last Draker comes to Vindictus in December

vindictus miri

Miri is the next character to join the ranks of Vindictus in North America. She may look sweet and cute, but don't piss her off, because she has the power to summon dragons. This should earn her some respect.

Her story goes like this:

“The lost daughter of an ancient people, Miri's ancestry grants the young woman powers unseen in human lands. Use her connection to the mighty Dragonspine lance to tear the Fomor horde to shreds. Build up Flamebreath, a unique resource for Miri, and unleash it with intense strikes of Dragonflame with Fiery skills. And finally transform into her ancestral form and call upon the mighty winged masters of the sky to turn anything that stands between Miri and her destiny to ash.”

Long story short, Miri is capable of transforming into this terrific dragon-armored character with a connection to mighty dragons and call for their help.

Miri is coming on December 6 and there's a nice little event waiting for you: if you register before December 4, you can earn your own little Miri Registration pack! This free pack should give you an headstart and includes a level 90 dragonspine box, 50 merc recovery potions, 5 divine blessing stones, 3000 AP, 10 goddess graces and 5 100% exp boost Potions (3 hours).

You can register here, and this is also the place to check Miri's abilities in video format.

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  • LaValley Thomas

    I’m new to Vindi, but its clear the Season 1 n 2 content were seriously
    nerfed in the Rise update 6 months back, just now only the bosses offer
    any challenge, trash mobs no matter how many offer no threat as they
    almost never attack.

    So sad to because the art is great and the effects of some of the battle techniques just delightful. The player base is smaller than im used to but not
    intolerably so and You wont need help before you’ve had a good test
    drive of the game.

    Hopefully the devs will reverse the nerfing, but for now the bosses can be fun; and given the games other pluses I am just now having more fun in Vindi than I have had in an mmo for a very long time. Well worth a test drive in this players

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    • Vindictus still has a decent playerbase after so many years and controversies. Not bad, and I can’t understand why they (or other team) don’t create a new action MMO like that. Not mobile, a real one (and also not like the canceled, PvP-focused sequel).

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      • LaValley Thomas

        Agreed, They certainly have a great starting point.

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