Owlsome action: MMO shooter Steambirds Alliance launches on August 22

Steambirds Alliance launches

Toucan play at Steambirds Alliance; in fact, more than two can play the free massively multiplayer co-op shooter Steambirds Alliance launches on August 22, 2019.

Spry Fox's spiritual successor to the bullet-hell shooter Realm of the Mad God takes the fight to the skies, as birds wage war against the evil felines and its leader Meowza. You can play with up to 59 friends as you fly and shoot down massive cat contraptions designed to destroy the bird rebellion.

The Steambirds Alliance beta brought several additions. One of them is the hard-as-nails Meowza's inner sanctum, a place for Veteran fighters. Random mods now pop up on stages increasing both difficulty and loot. The pilot skill tree was revamped, thankfully, because it was a bit cryptic to begin with.

Steambirds Alliance is a nice little shooter that is extremely playable and fun, although it can get frustrating if you dare to venture into regions that are above your paycheck. If you manage to get a few friends as soon as Steambirds Alliance launches, this can be a really compelling game.


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