MMO isometric shooter Infantry Online revived by its community

Infantry Online revived by its community

Some of you may remember Infantry Online, a game that was released in 1999 by Sony Online Entertainment and shut down in 2012. Maybe you even played this massively multiplayer isometric shooter back in the day and miss it a lot?

Well, do not fret, as the community is bringing this game back from the dead as Free Infantry. This project started in 2013 as a small community devoted to creating and hosting zones, with some features actually making into the official SOE game. Now, with the official servers shutting down, this community is financing and growing Infantry Online into a better game.

This is definitely a blast from the past and besides player-made arenas, Infantry Online features fog of war, a Newtonian physics model (beware of explosive shrapnel ricochet) and several game modes including Skirmish, Capture The Flag and more. You can also play with your team against the AI in Zombie Zone, or against player aliens in Bug Hunt, which is the mode that you can see in the video below.

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