Mobile Sandbox MMORPG with dinosaurs Durango: Wild Lands opens pre-registrations

Durango Wild Lands global pre-registration

Nexon and What! Studio have just revealed that worldwide pre-registrations for the mobile sandbox MMORPG with dinosaurs Durango: Wild Lands are now open. You can pre-register on Google Play and the Durango website to get exclusive in-game rewards when the official release takes place later this year.

You can get some cool free stuff such as an item package that includes a Broomstick, Paper Box, Doggy Mask, Dino Mask, Warp-Box, Health, Striped Compsognathus (er, what?) and more. And what about 300 Warp Gems to seal the deal?

Durango: Wild Lands is Jurassic Park: The Game, except it's not. This game takes you to an alternate universe where humans and dinosaurs all live together, but not exactly in harmony. Players have to tame wild dinosaurs in a persistently-evolving open world where survival is your goal and you have plenty of life skills to help you such as cooking, crafting, farming, sewing and more.

Durango: Wild Lands is already available in the following regions: Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore.


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