Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark surpassed 350,000 concurrent users

MMORPG Lost Ark concurrent users

Lost Ark's Korean open beta launch wasn't entirely smooth, with interminable queues of players waiting to get into the game. Developer Smilegate mentioned that this ambitious MMORPG reached 250,000 concurrent players on the first day, but also added that this number was surpassed, with exact figures coming some time later.

Those figures are now available: Lost Ark surpassed 350,000 concurrent users on November 14. It is highly likely that these numbers may increase during the following days, while the hype surrounding Lost Ark is still at stratospheric levels. Today, November 16, saw the addition of extra servers, and there are plans to even add more to finally solve the long waiting times.

Lost Ark entered open beta on November 7 and the overall opinion is that the game truly begins to shine when you reach level 30. Smilegate's CEO has confirmed that Lost Ark is coming to North America and Europe.

Via InvenGlobal

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