Four-team MOBA Golden Rush is shutting down in December

MOBA Golden Rush is shutting down

We just got word that the four-team MOBA Golden Rush is shutting down on December 27, 2018. This Ukrainian MOBA looked the part but failed to convince enough players to join in – three years later, it was getting a daily average of eight players. The developers have thrown in the towel precisely for the lack of a decent player base.

Golden Rush landed on Steam in September 2015 and still was in Early Access. A quick look at the Early Access FAQ mentions the plans for keeping the game on this stage: “From two weeks up to several months, depending on the audience’s reaction to our project.” Or three years, we might add. In-app and DLC purchases for Golden Rush are already deactivated. The user reviews also mention pay-to-win a lot, with loot that disappeared unless you spent real money to “transmute” it. We can't say as we haven't played this game, but the reviews are out there.

Thanks to Kay-Morten Kristensen for the tip.

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