Minecraft maker’s Scrolls is now Caller’s Bane and released for free

Mojang Minecraft Caller's Bane free

Mojang, Minecraft's creator, is going to re-release its latest game, Scrolls, for free after several months of work making sure everything goes smoothly. With the relaunch comes a new name: Caller's Bane. Why? They're not sure, but I think that deep inside they don't like the name Scrolls that much, especially considering that it spawned a shallow trademark battle with Bethesda (because The Elder Scrolls, that is).

So, Caller's Bane it is and you can download it for free right now. Obviously, being an online game, it needs a server, and anyone can host their own server. However, if you find this a bit tricky or just can't be bothered, you can play on somebody else's server, and the good news is that kbasten, who runs scrollsguide.com, agreed to host a community server that is ready as we're writing this. So it's just a matter of jumping in and playing as usual.

The downside, so to speak, is that nothing is going to be transferred from Scrolls. Everyone gets a fresh start, and the server owners will be free to decide if they want to give players a full deck right from the beginning.

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