Moonlight Blade China update brings new costumes

Moonlight Blade China update

A new Moonlight Blade China update was just released, adding a few new fashion items to the Wuxia MMORPG. These come right in time to celebrate the holidays and the new year, because they… well, never mind, the new outfits look cool but don't seem to have any connection to the end of the year, correct me if I'm mistaken.

Moonlight Blade is known for being a very colorful game featuring some pretty characters wearing sparkling garments. However, the new outfits don't instantly jump out, being more modest although still very detailed. If you like black, you'll be in heaven.

The Moonlight Blade release date for western territories is yet to be announced, although Nexon has confirmed that a North America and Europe launch was guaranteed. The delay and lack of official news is driving MMORPG fans insane, as the thought of the game being canceled is far from pleasant. Hopefully Moonlight Blade is going to release in the west in 2020.

Take a look at the new Moonlight Blade China update trailer below while you wait for good news.

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