Moonlight Blade China’s new update brings sailing, lolis and new Yihua class

Moonlight Blade China is getting a new and huge update this summer, planned for July 11, which will introduce a sea map with the possibility of sailing and exploring the islands, and even building settlements and occupying them. Boats will obviously be introduced, as well as new dungeons and level 95 cap.

The Loli character that was revealed a few months ago is also coming with this update. The new class Yihua is making its way to Moonlight Blade China, being a support class that uses a jade flute as its main weapon. The next class is going to be the Shaolin, but no dates were revealed yet.

The second video shows some new fashion that recently made its way into Moonlight Blade China. Moonlight Blade is coming to North America and Europe, but besides that confirmation – which is pretty real anyway, we're still waiting for a press release to make it official.


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