New Moonlight Blade video shows upcoming Chef job and costumes

Moonlight Blade content update chef

If you're getting a bit upset over the lack of news on the western Moonlight Blade release, you're not alone. Do not worry though, it is bound to happen as Nexon has already confirmed the plans. 2019 should be the year for that… well, probably late 2019 for a beta, or maybe an official announcement? Who knows?

For now, Moonlight Blade keeps getting new content updates in China. The next one will introduce a few interesting things, including a new Chef job. If you prefer to spend your time feeding the heroes instead of, you know, being a hero yourself, this is the job for you. At least it looks yummy, judging by the video below. The rest of the video shows some more upcoming costumes and weapons. 

While Moonlight Blade looked really good a couple of years ago, I'm starting to get picky about some of those angular shapes. Nexon would better hurry up with the western release, or it may turn out to be another case of wasted potential. Well, there's always the upcoming Moonlight Blade Mobile, right? Right?


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