Watch Moonlight Blade’s stunning flying skills for nine classes

Moonlight Blade flying skills video

Now that we know that Moonlight Blade is definitely coming to North America and Europe – even if Nexon is yet to announce it -, this is a perfect time to more closely watch the beauty of this fantasy Wuxia game.

This video by MMOJACKX57 shows the flying skills of nine Moonlight Blade classes, each one with its own style but all of them looking like a beautiful ballet. Sure, a ballet that may involve turning into a bird or playing the flute, but it does look impressive the first few times you see it. Better still, Moonlight Blade's environments look stunning, so your eyes will definitely thank you for watching this. We should get to play Moonlight Blade in the west during 2019.

The names of the classes are the following (including the original Chinese names): Yihua (移花), Tianxiang (天香), Shenwei (神威), Zhenwu (真武), ShenDao (神刀), GaiBang (丐帮), Taibai (太白), Wudu or Five Venoms (五毒) and Tangmen (唐门).

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