Moonlight Blade G-Star 2017 trailer takes you to the skies

Moonlight Blade G-Star 2017 trailer

Often considered to be one of the best current MMORPGs, Moonlight Blade is on display at G-Star 2017, starting with a short trailer showing the lovely flying skills.

This trailer is taken from the Korean version that should enter open beta early 2018. This is a beautiful MMORPG that would probably be successful when (if?) it comes to the west, but apart from an official but mistimed confirmation of North America and Europe localizations, Tencent hasn't talked about it anymore. The lack of decent MMORPGs would be a major factor, but this game is actually pretty good.

Oh, Moonlight Blade is also the game where the teenagers (or lolis, if you really want to call it that) look different in the China and Korean versions. I prefer the China look by a long way, and when an English version eventually appears, I hope they stick to this template.

Anyway, have a look at the trailer below, which is entirely comprised of soaring the skies and watching the beautiful vistas.

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