MU Legend closed beta approaching, new gameplay trailer

MU Legend pvp

Only five days to the start of the first MU Legend English closed beta – yes, we're counting, and we know some of you are doing the same. Our giveaway was a huge success with all the keys disappearing in a few minutes and now Webzen is putting the final touches on the beta stage.

MU Legend not only improves on the previous MU Online games but also takes a firm and confident step in the direction of hack ‘n' slash games, with the classic Diablo being the inevitable reference. With four classes at launch, PvE and PvP options and content that is suited for a few minutes or hours at a time, MU Legend is already looking like a polished, addictive game judging by the Korean original.

You can watch a new MU Legend trailer below, albeit a very short one and that in our opinion, doesn't quite do justice to the game.

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